About Us

CADEO Economics' strategy methodology has been helping Global 500 companies navigate and succeed in competitive landscapes through complex empirical and applied economics models for over 25 years. We help our clients develop defensible strategies while preempting competition in domestic and global markets.

We are a global organization with seasoned analysts and globally well-recognized and respected partners based in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our local presence allows us to understand regional markets, conduct primary research, and manage projects with a high degree of control. As a result, we are able to maintain impeccable data integrity.

We specialize in analyzing and predicting hostile and collaborative competition scenarios in the business-to-business sector of all industries. Our consulting group conducts custom research projects, applying the company's proprietary analytics and solution resources to client engagements. 


We provide a suite of highly customizable solutions to meet each client's challenges. We connect our clients with their customers and competitors data information, so our clients can make key decisions, faster. With our solutions, our clients can


1) identify and analyze opportunities and trends;


2) set targets, see results and understand the drivers behind the numbers;


3) predict competitor reactions based on each strategic decision, so that our clients may stay steps

ahead of competition by executing preemptive strategy and achieve sustainable advantages;



4) author and share information in dashboards and scorecards.