Strategic Development and Implementation:


  • Overall Market Strategy – Analysis, Development and Implementation
    Learning tools may provide strategic competitive advantage as long as these tools are still state-of-the-art, but developing a strategic mindset will last a lifetime.

  • Segmentation Analysis and Strategic Prioritization
    Good companies have a single-minded obsession with following the money.

  • Positioning Strategy and Customer/Segment Value Proposition
    The single biggest mistake that companies make is developing and implementing strategies before they have fully segmented down into the market – for whom would such a strategy be developed?!

  • Strategic Integration of Supply Chain and Vertical Incentive Alignment
    In today's economic environment, this is the single biggest potential source of competitive advantage – and competitive disadvantage – in global markets.

  • Empirical Analysis of Game Theory Models and Strategic Development
    We don’t want to just stay one step ahead of the competition, we want to be so far ahead of the competition that they can’t find us.

  • Pricing Theory and Implementation
    Incorporating game theory and learning to price for customer value rather than internal costs can be instrumental to optimizing firm financial performance particularly in difficult economic times.


Analytical Modeling Insights:


  • Big Data Analytics Research, Development and Support:
    State-of-the-Art Statistical Modeling
    Structural Response Modeling and Analysis
    Reduced Form Response Modeling and Analysis
    Performance Metrics (e.g., Marketing ROX)

  • Choice analysis

  • New Product Launch Strategy and Analysis Cradle-to-Grave

  • Global Marketing and International Launch Strategy

  • New Product Diffusion Modeling and Forecasting

Fields of Expertise:

Agriculture & Energy

Computer & New Technology



Medical Device


Sustainable Technology

Focusing on Competitive Strategy in the following areas:

Antitrust Expert Witness

Branding and Re-Branding

Disruptive Technology Assessment

International Launch Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Strategic Control Development

Supply Chain Incentive Alignment Strategy

Venture Investment Analytics